Understanding the Pledge Gathering Process

Choose Your Fundraising Method- Online or Paper

Last year more than half of our Human Race Pledges were made online through the use of our online fundraising platform. If you choose not to use this website tool you can additionally collect and turn in pledges in person.

View the Organizations Using our Online Fundraising Platform

How to Take Paper Pledges

Pledges can be gathered using printed pledge sheets

(be sure to make a copy for your records!)

  • Pick up pledge sheets at the Volunteer Center or download and print sheets from humanracesc.org.
  • Write your name, the agency’s name, and agency number. This ensures that the funds are allocated to the correct agency. If unsure about the agency number call the Volunteer Center at 427-5070.
  • Complete the donor information (name, address and phone number) and the amount donated. Checks should be made out to Volunteer Center-HR with the agency number on the memo line of the check.
  • If the donor requests, provide them a receipt for tax purposes.
  • Pledge sheets and funds can be brought to the Volunteer Center nearest you (Watsonville or Santa Cruz) until 5 PM on Thursday, May 7th. Pledge sheets & funds brought to the Volunteer Center on Friday, May 8th will be credited to your agency but may not be included in our final day tally.

Turning in Your Paper Pledge to the Volunteer Center

  • Visit the Volunteer Center at 1740 17th Ave. Santa Cruz, CA 95062
  • Fill out a Human Race deposit slip for each deposit.
  • Please include pledge sheets with your deposit.
  • Request a receipt at the time of your deposit. The receipt will be for the total amount only. The Volunteer Center does not keep records of individual pledge amounts. Please have team leaders make copies of individual pledge sheets prior to turning in deposits.
  • In order to track your organization’s fundraising totals on the website, the Human Race staff will post offline donation amounts received at our offices on a weekly basis until the final day on May 9, 2020.
  • Please allow time for funds to be verified by the Volunteer Center’s office administrator. Money will be paid out to the nonprofits monthly until September.
Please make copies of pledge sheets and deposited checks for your records. This is especially important if you still have outstanding pledges to collect. The Volunteer Center does not keep records of individual pledges.

Final Day Turn In

It is yet to be determined whether we will have the capability to receive in-person funds on the final day. Check back to this section for updates.

    Post Campaign Turn in

    All cash or checks turned in to the Volunteer Center at 1740 17th Ave, Santa Cruz before 4 PM on May 29, 2020 will count towards potential awards at the June Awards Celebration.